Looking for best website layout for search engine optimization?

As you’re reading this blog you probably have a bit of understanding about HTML/CSS and how to carry out the keyword research necessary to target competitive and transactional keywords.

Remember that Google states that about 80% of all searches are made using long tail phrase that is, searches outside primary or single word keywords.

For the purpose of this article I’m going to focus on one of the most competitive SEO sectors: Debt Management. Where the keywords are as followings:

  • Primary Keyword: Debt Management
  • Secondary Keyword: Debt Management Services
  • Tertiary Keyword: Bankruptcy Debt Management Services

Most important onsite elements of SEO :

  • Page Slug (page URL)
  • Page Title
  • H1 Tag

The importance of the page URL should not be underestimated. The page itself should have your primary keyword, secondary and tertiary keywords are then found in either the pages parent or children. notice that the page slug is the primary keyword Debt Management, but also that it appears under the section Debt Services, this allows for better user experience because the user can move between Debt Services and benefits SEO as it combines more keywords in an information silo.

Creating the best <head> for SEO :

Title Tag

Your title tag should have your primary keyword as close to the start of the title as possible, this is the first thing the search engine sees, importantly this acts as an advertising function for your site in the search engines as it’s displayed as the link on most search engine listings, you should therefore have a look at what other people are doing and try to make the copy as appealing as possible. Although you need to get your keyword in there don’t neglect your brand, the more searches your website appears in the more people will start to recognize your brand, this is equally important for SEO. Your page title should be no more than 80 characters long as this is the approximate cut off for most search engines.

In the case of our Debt Management Page the title tag may look like this:

Debt Management Services | Call The Best Debt Men we’ve helped 1000’s

We get our primary and secondary keywords in there as well as the brand and whilst doing that the title also includes an informative call to action to try and improve the Click Through Rate in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

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